American Comedy Hall of Fame and Museum
Comedy plays an important role in our lives. Laughing is directly related to the art of comedy and how we perceive what humor is.  This project focuses on the connections between laughter and comedy.  Laughter is understood through many different means. Looking at the psychological impacts of laughter and how it affects the mind you see profound patterns enhancing productivity, moods, and health. Laughter stimulates your brain and generates different chemical reactions which in turn increase your wellbeing and mental state.  Sound and its connections to the brain have an intertwining relationship with the properties of laughter.  Altering intensities and frequencies in sound stimulate neurological activity.
The chaotic and explosiveness of laughter, sound, and neurological energy all happening at the same time is a beautiful human experience.  The movement of laughter creates highly dynamic energy types.  This transformational energy is visible in many natural phenomenon’s such as magnetic fields and cymatics.  This phenomenon is the generator of the design concept. This construct and design attempts to express the synergistic energies of our combined laughter.  
Three-dimensional exploration of laughter 
Site plan: Los Angeles 
CNC (three-axis mill) Site Plan- Los Angeles Entertainment District 
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