Culture is expressed through a variety of traditions throughout the world.  How does one find a way to derive a space that reflects global culture into a language that all can relate and reflect?    The goal for this project is to design a space that welcomes and reflects all cultures and also looks toward the future into a more integrated society in Savannah.   The first step is looking at how societies and cultures evolve and separate.  A separation is really a beginning at the same time.  The birth and death of new cultures can give rise to great scientific, philosophical, artistic, and avant-garde creations.  Cultural transitions provoke new patterns in thinking.  The Cultural Arts Center is a progressive design with new and thought-provoking architecture that encapsulates cultural integration.  The skin is patterned in the way DNA is printed and read.  The skin and the structure are directly related and connected all the way from the mathematical determinant to the conceptual realization.  The mix of wood, concrete, and steel can be seen in a variety of combinations and uses throughout the building bring a sense of unity to all the spaces.  The spaces and areas will reflect the progressive ideas of the present by not hiding the builds structure and materialization.    
What do all cultures have in common?  The basic concept of DNA is one element that all cultures have and can be undeniably related.  The structure of the building is a play off of the geometry of the double-helix DNA spiral consisting of ten ladders in one 360 degree turn.  The axial view of one rotation has a geometry of ten points.
Site Plan
Roof top view
North Elevation
East Elevation
West Elevation
Floor Plans
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