Experimental Ecological Community 
Orlando, Florida
The site is located outside of Orlando, Florida surrounded by a rich marshland.  The sites hydrology patterns connect to the Ogeechee water basin, which eventually connects to the Everglades.  An urban response was developed maintain and reconnect the surrounding wetlands.  The ecologic community aims to serve as a natural filter for the local area. 
The mixed use development allows us to coexist with nature and enhance the natural landscape.   The community also promotes public transportation by connecting to the future high speed rail of Florida with a monorail system that is elevated throughout the site.  The canal systems through the community allows for water level control as well as natural filtration creating micro climates through the community.  
The site was analyzed from all different scales to understand the existing hydrology in order to design a community which does not harm but enhances the local echo system. 
Master Plan(left), vignettes of experiential areas(right) 
Detailed master plan with uses of each parcel(top), A typical section of canal zones(bottom)
3D massing with uses 
Here you can see several of the pavilions that act as way finding points throughout the development(top).  Below there are two typical street sections(bottom).
Close ups of detailed urban zones
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